2012 Year in Review

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I suppose I should’ve written this a few days ago, before we actually entered 2013, but I didn’t get the urge until today. 2012 was a pretty great year and I wanted to reminisce a bit. So let’s get to it…

Ben and I rang in the New Year together.

And Ben celebrated his 30th Birthday – A surprise party that I’m convinced he knew about.

Bens 30

Then, I ran a half marathon in 20 degree weather with a bum hip.


And ran 13.1 again two weeks later in Disney with Lindsay.


We went on an eight day cruise with some friends.

And I successfully completed my first rock climbing experiece.

I also stood on Maho Beach in St. Maarten.


We took a lot of pictures.

DSCN1585 DSCN1482 DSCN1560

In April, we hosted a murder mystery party.


And Ben stole everyone’s money when they weren’t looking.


Some people were a little too good at this ;)

DSCN1768 DSCN1761

We had a good time :)


Swimming season started and I taught 20 lessons a week for 20 weeks. I also swam in the Atlantic Ocean.

7-1-12 swim1

And the St. Johns River.

IMGP3104 IMGP3116

And I raced a 5k in the Gulf of Mexico (Siesta Key, FL) with some really great people and new friends.

086 DSCN0120 DSCN0125

We went on [another] cruise with more friends.


And took more silly photos.


I had a birthday.


Then went to New York for a big exam, which I passed :)


In November, I visited grandma for a few days, went wedding dress shopping for Lindsay, spent Thanksgiving with Ben and then headed to Tallahassee for FSU vs. UF with Hannah and Megan.

hannah november


In December, Anthony and Eric (friends from high school) came to Jacksonville for The Big Ticket.


And I visited family in the mountains.


Finally, we had a nice, quiet NYE at home (after an early evening with some friends).

I began 2013 with one heck of a workout at Timed Exercise, which I finished with two and a half minutes to spare.

Layout 1


A pretty good 2012, if you ask me!


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Just a girl (woman?) living life in North Florida... blogging, on occasion, about what seems to matter most to probably me and only me.

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